You can generate your own solar power today. Use solar power as your primary source of energy, and Kenya Power as the backup. 


For telecom towers implementing a grid tie solar solution is a great way to achieve significant savings on your power while ensuring your services are never interrupted.

There has never been a better time to declare independence. Generate Your OWN POWER today.

> PowerSTATION for Telcos
~ Solar Power for Telecom Sites ~ 

For Telecom sites, the PowerSTATION grid-tie solar solution is a cost effective way of powering your business using solar during the day, and using the grid for the remaining few hours. Up to 60% of power costs can be off-set by using a grid tie solar solution. And since the installation requires no battery backup, the cost of the project is significantly reduced. 


> Features:

  • Grid-tie systems, working alongside existing Kenya Power and diesel generators.

  • No batteries required, reducing upfront costs.

  • Short ROI & payback periods. 

  • Can be configured to meet the specific power demand of your premise.​ 


> Ideal for: 

Telecom towers.