You can generate your own solar power today. Use solar power as your primary source of energy, and Kenya Power as the backup. 


For schools, lighting is one of the largest components of the power bill. By lighting your classrooms with free solar, you can achieve significant savings on your power while ensuring learning is never interrupted.

There has never been a better time to declare independence. Generate Your OWN POWER today.

~Solar power for all your school lighting ~ 

Always have lights on for your school during blackouts.  The LightBOX is a compact, mains/solar charged power backup that powers your whole lighting, ensuring your school is never in the dark.

> Features:

  • Power backup for powering lights in classroom/dorms

  • Powered by solar panels on roof or ground

  • Enclosed in a compact LightBOX for easy packaging and deployment​

  • Can be configured to meet the specific power demand of your home.​ 


> Ideal for: 

Backup lighting for Classrooms, Labs, Dormitory & Offices