You can generate your own solar power today. Use solar power as your primary source of energy during the day, and Kenya Power as the backup. 


What's more, with net-metering, any excess power your solar system produces during the day is sent to the grid. This way, you are only billed for the “net” energy used each month -the difference between the energy you produced and sent to the grid and the energy consumed from Kenya Power. 

There has never been a better time to declare independence. Generate Your OWN POWER today.

~Solar power for Lighting+TV+Phone Charging+Fridge~

The PowerBOX delivers power for critical loads in homes at an affordable rate. Always have power on for the critical loads at home - Lighting, TV, Phone Charging, Fridge (optional).


> Features:

  •  Solar power for powering critical loads at home - Lighting, TV, Phone Charging, Fridge (Optional)

  • Start small and keep increase as budget becomes available

  • Enclosed in a compact PowerBOX for easy packaging and deployment​

  • Can be configured to meet your specific power demand.​ 


> Ideal for: 

Stand-alone homes with roof space & AirbnB Houses


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