Solar Lighting offers a great option for boarding schools to ensure learning is uninterrupted, and at a fraction of the cost of a generator. Also, with increasing prices ofelectricity, lighting classrooms with free solar will significantly reduce costs for the institution.


Always have lights on for your school during blackouts. The PowerBOX is a compact, mains or solar charged power backup that powers your whole lighting, ensuring your school is never in the dark. 

Solar for Schools

    • Put class room lighting on solar power with a battery backup.
    • Option to start with candidates classes (Class 7&8 or Form 3&4) then expanding to the whole school.
    • Provides up to 6 hours of backup power.
    • Enclosed in a compact PowerBOX, making it easy to install  by your electrician.
    • Charged by solar panels or mains
    • Can be customized for your specific power needs