Get power backup solution for your business that fits your needs, budget, and is reliable. Keep your business powered and get going whenever there is power outage. Don’t stop working when the power goes out. The PowerBOX delivers power for your critical loads at an affordable cost.


Ideal for:  Offices | NGOs | Production Houses | Studios | Law Firms

Power Backup for Small Business | PowerBOX

    • Always have power backup whenever there is an outage

    • Providing upto 8 hours of power

    • Affordable power backup solution that meets your budget

    • Compact size and beautifully packed, fits with your déco

    • Plug and play installation that is easy to deploy and instal

    • Lithium battery with service lifetime of 10+ years

    • Modular solution that can be scaled up as your power needs increase

    • Go green and be sustainable

    • Perfect solution for off-grid locations or locations with unreliable power