Always have power on for your business during blackouts. Get a power backup for your small business or office and esnsure that your business never stops. Our backups are affordable, reliable and easy to install.


Ideal for: Cyber Cafe | Photocopy & Printing Shop | Photography Studio | 

Power Backup for Small Business

Type of Business
    • Ideal backup solution for businesses and small office without generator backup.
    • Flexible power backup for powering desired loads such as lighting, computer, printer, signage.
    • Provides up to 5-7 hours of backup depending on the option selected.
    • Enclosed in a compact PowerBOX, making it easy to install.
    • Charged by  mains electricity.
    • Can be customized for your specific power needs of your premise
    • Does not power heavy loads such as microwave, iron box, instant shower, electric kettle.

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