Using solar to heat water is a way to significantly reduce the energy bill. Properly sized, itsaves on average about 75% of the energy usually spenton heating water.


But dont just go for any solar water heater. Bosch solar Water Heaters are designed to gurantee unbeaten performance for all water heating needs. They are produced with high quality materials with SolarKeymark certification. The solar panels for the heaters are of high efficiency and high quality to guarantee an optimization of the collected solar energy for maximum comfort and economy.


Bosch has a wide range of solutions suitable for both homes and commercial setups. Standard systems come in capacities of 150, 200 and 300 liters. Custom systems can be designed to meet specific need. The systems can be installed both on both slanted roof or flat roof.


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    Bosch Solar Water Heaters

      • Keep water warm all night: 50 mm polyurethane tank insulation (CFC free), losing less that 5 degrees the whole night. 
      • High efficiency: Indirect system with high efficiency panels for heating water optimally. 
      • Rugged tank: Storage tank made of galvanized steel that is power coated.
      • Backup Element: 2kW backup heating element with thermostat.
      • All types of mounting: Mounting frame for both flat or inclined roof installations. Flat roof fixed 35°, and for slanted roof from 15° to 45°
      • 5-Star Product: Solar Keymark certification for design and efficiency.

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