Replac the old electric water heater that consumes too much power with a next generation model and save up to 35% of the hot water cost at home. This range of cylindrical electric water heater is energy efficient, and is the perfect solution offering great comfort and hot water according to your needs.


It is ideal for homes, salons and barbrshops, restaurants and other facilities in need of affordable hot water. It's available in 30,50, 80 and 100 litres.


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    Bosch Cylinder Water Heaters

      • Energy efficient: 2000W (Consumes less than an instant shower)
      • Plug and Play: Easy vertical to install without much requirments.
      • Safety: 8 bar safety group
      • Options: Available in 30,50,80 and 100 litres capacity
      • Your Control: Manual temperature control according to your need
      • Rust free: Element does not rust over time because of the magnesium anti-corrosion anode
      • Keep water warm: Enamelled steel tank thats hardy with CFC-free polyurethane insulation

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