UPS System That Works With Generators

Do you use a UPS to ensure that you do not experience any downtime in case of power outages? In case of lengthy outages, do you use a generator? The UPS system and generator can work to give you the best results and ensure that you do not experience any downtime in case of a power outage. The question thus remains; which type of UPS system best works with a generator?

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There are some factors that determine the compatibility of UPS systems with generators. They include:

1. UPS System Configuration

Generators usually produce fluctuating and inconsistent frequency and voltage ranges. If your generator’s range is wider than what a UPS can handle, the load will run off the UPS leading to battery depletion. This scenario is most likely in a line-interactive or offline UPS system.

Double-conversion online UPS systems are different from the offline and line-interactive systems and are the most recommended for use with a generator. Online UPS systems are configured in such a way that they continually convert AC power that is incoming from a generator or the main power supply into DC power. The filtered DC power is then reconverted back to AC power with a sine-wave that is pure. The type of pure sine-wave AC power is what your equipment craves since it is sensitive to power. The continuous filtering of power by online UPS systems ensures that frequency variations do not compromise your UPS battery life so that it does not prematurely shorten.

2. Size of the generator

The standby generator to be paired with a UPS system must provide output power that is computer grade and only run IT applications that are UPS protected. In addition to the output power, the continuous capacity rating of the generator must at least be twice the rated capacity of the intended UPS system. Since connected equipment cycle on and off, the UPS system can be caused to switch between the battery, bypass and AC modes by inrush currents. To prevent the switching, the generator must be of larger size compared to the capacity of the UPS system.

3. Grounding of the system

Pulling the plug from your UPS system between the utility power supply and your generator means that you are also pulling the plug on the grounding. Sudden losses in an electrical grounding on your UPS and your appliances are problematic since currents that are usually dissipated to the ground will find alternative routes, for example, through network cables or through other devices.

Choosing the type of UPS system that works best with a generator is fairly technical and you should contact a qualified professional in order to eliminate any liability or safety concerns. You should adhere to codes such as ensuring that your installation is grounded to minimize the loss of data, equipment damage, and shock hazards.

If you are still not sure what type of UPS best works with your generator, contact Inborn Energy for guidance. Our qualified personnel will help you choose the right online UPS system to use with your generator.

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