How to Maximize the Life of Your UPS

Investment in a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is considerable! If you have made an investment in a UPS to shield against the costs of downtime, why shouldn’t you invest in preventive maintenance of that UPS? Maximizing the life of your UPS makes business sense as it guarantees that your investment is value for your money over the period you own the asset.

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Here are 4 ways through which you can maximize the life of your UPS.

1. Follow safety recommendations

Ensure that you follow all the safety measures for the backup. When you purchase a UPS, ensure that the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed including standard safety guidelines. Considering safety when using your UPS entails using replacement battery parts that are genuine, which maintains VDE, CSA, UL, and other certifications for the UPS.

2. Perform regular scheduled maintenance

Ensure that you adhere to scheduled maintenance for your system. You should liaise with the supplier to determine the maintenance tasks to be performed on your UPS and when the maintenance is to be performed. Proper maintenance maximizes the life of your UPS. You should keep maintenance records that are detailed. The records you keep on your UPS should clearly indicate the type of maintenance performed, the date and time the maintenance was performed, the individual that performed the maintenance and the condition of the UPS during the inspection.

3. Plan for replacement

Know that your UPS has a limited shelf life. You should understand that your UPS has a limited life expectancy and there are critical components within the UPS such as capacitors and batteries wear out from normal use. This will help you with budgeting after the UPS or its components have reached the end of their life.

4. Work with qualified personnel

Your UPS system is an investment, and you should ensure that the people handling it are qualified. Contact a professional if you need unscheduled maintenance performed and not just any technician. Have the contact information of qualified and verified technicians on hand at all times.

These tips will help you maximize the life of your UPS. You should understand that spending little amounts on maintenance will prevent you from spending hefty amounts of replacing components of your UPS or the entire unit. Keep detailed records on maintenance schedules. The costs of downtime from failing to maintain your UPS properly or from waiting to replace a broken unit may also be too much for your business.

At Inborn Energy we are committed to ensuring that your UPS is in top notch condition when you need it. If you are unsure of the appropriate choice of power backup systems, you should contact us for assistance. We will help you plan for your needs and recommend the most appropriate system for you based on our years of expertise in a wide array of UPS backup systems.

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