4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Generator

Are you frustrated by power outages? Does your business or home suffer whenever there is a blackout? You should consider installing a standby generator to ensure that your business and home do no suffer. You should consult a professional generator dealer and determine your needs so as to make an informed choice when buying a generator.

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Here are 4 questions that you should ask before buying a standby generator.

1. What Are Your Power Needs?

There are many size standby generators available in the market built to produce different power levels when utility power goes offline. The size of the standby generator you require will be determined by the power needs in your home or business when there is no utility power. There are different sizing calculators that can help you determine the power needs for your business or home. Check out our online Generator Size calculator here for assistance.

2. Where will the generator be located?

It is important to determine where your generator will be located before buying one. You should ask for the supplier’s input on where to install your generator. There are considerations such as custom installation work including clearing and leveling the site, building a concrete base or burying wires underground.

3. What type of fuel does it use?

The most common fuels for generators are petrol and diesel. You should discuss the different fuel options that will be the best for your generator system with your supplier. The electrical load determines the type of standby generator, which in turn determines whether to use petrol or diesel. Diesel generators are generally more powerful than petrol generators, meaning that they have a higher load. You should consider buying a generator that uses petrol for your small business or home.

4. What are the specifications of the generator?

What are the detailed specifications? A quality generator is usually determined by a number of specifications. You should keep these specifications in mind before embarking on buying a generator. They include:

~ Warranty: Warranty is an indicator of quality for many products. You should inspect the warrant on the generator you wish to buy to acquaint yourself with what it covers. A warrant can cover time, labor, travel, and parts, among others. Be sure to ask about the details of the warranty.

~ Voltage regulation: There are alternatives to electronic voltage regulators such as droop governors that can cause voltage spikes that can damage your appliances. Generators with electronic voltage regulation have a variation of +/-2% in the fluctuation of voltage. This makes the power from generators cleaner than local utility power.

~ Brand reputation: Standby generators are a necessity in shielding you from power outages, which means that you require a reputable brand and dealer for a reliable product.

~ Maintenance & support service: There is an important aspect of buying a generator that is often overlooked – its maintenance and service. You will require a dealer that is committed to providing after-sale services. At Inborn Energy, we guarantee impeccable after-sale service across Kenya and we are committed to supporting our customers.

You should ask these 4 questions before buying a generator, which will ensure that you buy a standby generator that meets your needs. You should always deal with knowledgeable dealers and should you feel that they do not have adequate knowledge, you should look elsewhere.

At Inborn Energy we are committed to ensuring that your generator is in tiptop condition when you need it. We offer preventive maintenance services that are customized for your system. We have expertise in a wide array of generator systems and power backup systems.

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