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There are many brands and types of portable generators in the market today. Some have specifications to help you understand the generator’s performance, quality, and durability. Some do not. Our Generator Reviews offers a straight-forward, not too technical basis to enable you choose the right generator with the right specifications, warranties & durability, making it easy to select the best one for your unique needs.

>  PROMax Portable Generators [Briggs & Stratton]

Promax Portable Generator by Inborn Ener

  • Single phase 9.5 kW Vanguard engine for world class performance & emissions.

  • Sturdy design for durability and reliability.

  • Heavy duty roll-frame that suits any work site.

  • Models are fast upgraded and may be need to confirm availability & support in your the local market.

  • Rated Power Output: 9 KVA

  • Maximum AC Output: 9.5 KVA

  • Engine type: Air cooling, 4 Strokes, OHV, petrol engine

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • AC Output Voltage: 240 V

  • Starter: Electric

  • Fuel Capacity: 40 litres

  • Continuous Operating Time: 7 Hours

  • Weight: 195 kg

Dayliff Portable Generators

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  • High quality built with sturdy design for portability.

  • Strong tubular frame for protection and ease of handling.

  • Reliable and economical air cooled OHV petrol engines.

  • Integrated control panel for operational convenience

  • Oil alert system to stop engine when oil is low.

  • Fuseless type over current protection.

  • DC output for charging.

  • Limited power output of 5.5 kVA for portable applications that may require more power.

  • Rated Power Output: 5 KVA

  • Maximum AC Output: 5.5 KVA

  • Fuel: Petrol

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • AC Output Voltage: 240 V

  • Starter: Electric

  • Fuel Capacity: 28 litres

  • Continuous Operating Time: 7 Hours

  • Weight: 86 kg

  • Noise level: Acoustic Set with AMF, noise level: 70dBA@7m

  • Specification for Daylif DG6500P

HONDA Portable Generators

Honda Portable Generator by Inborn Energ
  • Portable generator that is durable without wear and tear.

  • Designed for home or small office use, powering multiple appliances at the same time.

  •  large-size air cleaner for excellent air intake & optimum engine power.

  • High fuel efficiency, running for up to 9 hours.

  • Back-light voltmeter for checking the generator output even in the dark.

  • Recoil starting

  • Limited power output of 2.5 kVA for applications requiring more power.

  • Rated Power Output: 2.3 KVA

  • Maximum AC Output: 2.5 KVA

  • Engine type: Air-cooled, 4 stroke, OHV, single cylinder.

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • AC Output Voltage: 220 V

  • Starter: Recoil

  • Fuel Capacity: 13 litres

  • Continuous Operating Time: 8 Hours

  • Weight: 42 kg



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