With a power backup for home and office, your life doesn’t stop when a power outage happens. With the right generator you will always be powered up during a blackout.  

But don’t just be buy any generator from any shop. Find out what the right solution for you is. Do you need a diesel or a petrol generator? A standby or a backup generator? A portable or fixed one? How does it consume fuel?

Also be sure that what you are buying will deliver on its promise of giving you power over its lifetime, so that you get what you deserve.

We guide you on how to buy the right generator in Kenya so that you get the solution that will power you always. 



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> Top Considerations When Buying a Generator.


Choosing which generator to buy for your application can be a complex & daunting task. We break it down and guide you on how to make the right choice.

> Buying a Used Generator? Read This First


Buying a used generator can be a great deal that will save you money. These are the key  things to consider when buying a used generator.

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> Fuel Management for Commercial Generators


Proper fuel management service for diesel generators to ensures that you are in control of your fuel costs and quality, keeping consumption low.

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Check out portable generators that are light, compact, silent for your mobile power needs.

Check out silent generators that are powerful yet quiet, giving you both power and peace of mind.


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