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There are many brands and types of generators in the market today. Some have specifications to help you understand the generator’s performance, quality, and durability. Some do not. Our Diesel Generator Reviews offers a straight-forward, not too technical basis to enable you choose the right generator with the right specifications, warranties & durability, making it easy to select the best one for your unique needs.

> Dayliff Generator

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  • High quality diesel generators for mains standby and remote site power supply.

  • Integrated control panel for operational convenience

  • High capacity fuel tank for extended operation

  • High efficiency square core alternators for increased power

  • Air cooled diesel engines equipped with large size exhausts

  • Air cooled systems tend to be noisier compared to water cooled systems.

  • Output power: 5/4,5 kVA 

  • Alternator: Brushless, self exciting, 2 pole.

  • Direct current: 12V/8.3A

  • Starter: Electric

  • Speed: 3000 rpm

  • Engine capacity: 418 cc

  • Fuel tank capacity: 16 litre

  • Deration: 1% for every 100m above sea level; and 2% for every 5C temperature above 20C.

  • Specifications for DG6000DS.

AKSA Diesel Generator

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  • High quality, reliable and complete power unit.

  • Four stroke, forced water cooling, Natural

  • Direct injection fuel system

  • Mechanical Governor system

  • 12/24 V D.C. starter and charge alternator

  • Replaceable fuel filter, oil filter and dry element air filter

  • Fully engineered with a wide range of options and accessories: Canopy, sound proof canopy and on-road trailer

  • Deration figures not specified in the datasheets.

  • Output power: 14/12 kVA 

  • Alternator: Brushless, single bearing, revolving field, self exciting.

  • Starter: Electric

  • Speed: 1,500 rpm

  • Engine capacity: 32 litres

  • Fuel consumption at full load: 3.7 litres/hour

  • Fuel tank capacity: 32 litre

  • Specifications for APD13A.

 Elcos Diesel Generator

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  • Premium power generator with reliable power supply & maximum level of performance.

  • Designed with air Intake louvres for suitable ventilation in all conditions.

  • Automatic stop system due to lack of fuel.

  • Equipped with anti-rollover forklift tunnels to ensure safe lifting and handling.

  • Inspection doors designed to lift-off for narrow installation sites.

  • Bunded base environmental friendly - to contain the liquids in the event of a spill

  • Premium price point for heavy duty applications.

  • Output power: 12/10 kVA 

  • Alternator: Self-regulated and self-excited.

  • Tropicalized radiator, with air filtration system with cartridge

  • Starter: Electric

  • Speed: 1,500 rpm

  • Mechanical speed governor

  • 120/500 litres with automatic fuel refilling system

  • Specifications for GE-PK-ranges.



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